Black Women OU Students Discuss SAE, Race and the University

For Harriet interviewed Black women studying at the University of Oklahoma in the wake of the racist SAE video to discuss their experiences with racism and microagressions. Great example of how digital media can amplify underrepresented voices and challenge mainstream media narratives at the intersections of gender and race. HUE applauds these students for speaking out and For Harriet Read more about Black Women OU Students Discuss SAE, Race and the University[…]

Good Tips for Live Tweeting and Facebooking

Upwell shares its tips for live tweeting and facebooking from its overfishinar campaign. These best practices are easily applicable to any campaign. Pro-tip: switch out “Be online when Shark Week is on air” to “Be online when (insert the name of your event) is happening 😉

15 Truly Awesome Email Marketing Growth Hacks

Originally posted on Vero Email marketing is a longterm strategy but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities to hack the growth of your list and the effectiveness of your emails. Here are 15 proven ways to get better at email marketing fast. 1. Collect email address everywhere, even on Twitter Of course you have a Read more about 15 Truly Awesome Email Marketing Growth Hacks[…]

The 7 Steps To A ‘Good-to-Great’ Content Marketing Strategy

We absolutely love Justin McGill‘s blog for Business 2 Community. Learn more about how to create great content for your target audiences. We hope you’ll read and implement these suggestions to kick off your marketing strategy. Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… And Others Don’t is a Jim Collins classic that shares Read more about The 7 Steps To A ‘Good-to-Great’ Content Marketing Strategy[…]

Apple’s Black Emojis Are Coming (But They’re Not The First)

Article originally featured on Screenshot of Oju Emoticon App v1.0 via Oju Africa Apple’s black emojis are on their way. As 9to5mac reports, this morning Apple released a new beta version of iOS 8.3 for testers that includes a more racially diverse character set, which allows users to pick from a palette of skin Read more about Apple’s Black Emojis Are Coming (But They’re Not The First)[…]

Welcome to The Digital Diaspora!

We are excited to announce that HUE will be blogging about all things digital in the African diaspora. Here, we will post original and shared content to help you create, manage, and shape dynamic digital communications strategies. It is also our hope that the content we provide will inspire you! The Digital Diaspora is also Read more about Welcome to The Digital Diaspora![…]