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A social entrepreneurship that specializes in digital communications throughout the African Diaspora
HUE (hyü) |noun|
a color or
a shade of
a color

HUE is a progressive consultancy that provides full-scale digital campaigns for organizations and businesses throughout the African diaspora. Our unique approach to global online advocacy combines sustainable development solutions with traditional and new media that inform, agitate, and empower communities to create social change.

Our Founder is Jamila Brown, a digital strategist and international development practitioner who specializes in communications and community development in the African diaspora. Leaning on her own diverse heritage and her love for advocacy and technology, she created HUE to amplify the voices of nearly 1 billion people of African descent — many of whom face some of the world’s greatest challenges.

HUE believes that an interconnected diaspora is a prosperous diaspora. One that, when equipped with the right tools and resources, can create its own solutions, industries, and innovations to better itself.

Testament of HUE's commitment to our collaborators in the Diaspora

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